Cherry Blossoms and Pumpkin

Mustard Fields and No Name

Hug Shot Shawl Kits     Special $50

2 - Enjoy  75% SW Merino/25% Nylon  463 yds ea.

Purchase any kit and receive a code for the free pattern!

Pattern will be available for purchase with the code

June 5th through 7th.

Code will be emailed to you.

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Kelp Forest and Old Sweatshirt

Gold Rush and The Quiet Man

Out of the Ordinary and Tangelo

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to order!

Lynne and Rainbow Trout

Tin Roof Rusted and Ginger

Sweet William and Young Love

Call (707)433-5697 to order

​Mail or store pick up available.

Mint Green and Abalone

Eucalyptus and Purple Reign

Purls of Joy

Lakeside and Indigo

Lynne and Autumn Paints

Craggy Outcroppings and Peggy

Geraniums and Tangelo

Grey Flannel and Grellow

Mary Ann and Mustard Fields